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Why Akshay Kumar Won National Award? Reasons will leave you in Shock

Before you judge us or this article, please understand, we too love Akshay Kumar and his movies. He is genuinely a good actor and has some outstanding movies in recent past. But think again, did he actually deserved a national award for a mediocre film like ‘Rustom’. In fact, he had done really good films in the past like Airlift, Holiday and Baby, but Rustom was nowhere comparable to these movies.So what happened that Akshay Kumar was the chosen one out of so many talented actors in the film industry?

Not An Indian?

First of all, let us tell you that Akshay Kumar is not an Indian Citizen but holds Canadian Citizenship which makes him ineligible for Indian National Awards. Alas! Nobody cares for rules unless broken by common man.

Akshay Competed With God! Really?

Secondly, did you know who did Akshay competed with for the best actor award! Akshay clinched the award with just two votes from Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. Yes, the popular actor, director, producer, lyricist, music director of MSG- Messenger of God Series. Hard to believe? You can yourself check out this fact on Google.


If Not Akshay, Then Who?

So whom do you think was a better fit than Akshay? Aamir Khan for Dangal- First read this bizarre thing that will blow your mind off. This is the explanation given by Priyadarshan, who is one of the jury members of the National Award.

Moreover, he is a proven anti-national as his wife said once that she didn’t feel safe in India because of rising intolerance. Followed by which he was thrown out of Incredible India campaign and dropped from Snapdeal and Tata Sky Ads. Next is Manoj Bajpayee for Aligarh. He was never in the competition as the movie was based on homosexuality and this topic never suited Indian culture unless created by Karan Johar. Another contender could have been Shahid Kapoor from Udta Punjab but the picture showcased the drug problems in the state when the  BJP, the party at the centre rule the state.

So you see, it’s’ not just the talent which made Akshay the winner of National Award. Its’ just the another curious case of Indian Awards.

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  • Raman poddar April 25, 2017, 6:36 am

    Shahid kapoor deserved it more than others for udta punjab

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